Our purpose is to give voice to the people. Many news sites make claims based completely on trying to discredit the opposition instead of finding supporting arguments. Many more take advantage of their readers by using strong words to turn those who share their beliefs into heroes, and those that don’t into villains. We’re striving to do neither.

We live in a time when our country’s education is failing us. Teachers aren’t being compensated fairly. Students are graduating with more and more debt. Literacy is declining. This is what it means for the wealth gap to increase: our future generations are inheriting debt, and are not even gaining the skills needed to pull themselves out of it.

The only way to stop this downward spiral is by coming together and ensuring those in power have our interests in mind. Right now, those in power have the interest of those who get them elected at the top of their list. Thing is: it’s not you. It’s not the American people. That’s secondary.

An individual can be unpredictable. Whether they’d vote for someone depends on their job, their salary, their religion, their family, what they heard in the news that day, etc. But a group of people? That’s predictable. Even if a congressman consistently voted in a way that negatively affects 9 out of 10 of their voters, they’ll still get elected if five don’t know about it and three hate their opponent. How can they accomplish this? Campaigning. Manipulating the information their voters see. Both of which cost money. It’s why politicians seem to favor corporations over people.

It’s not that politicians are evil. It’s the playing field. Think of doping in baseball: players won’t be competitive if they’re the only ones not doing it. Many politicians do have what’s best for people in mind. Unfortunately, they can’t get elected without their donors, and this makes everyone else secondary.

This is where we come in. Beneath every one of our articles, you will find an easy-to-access form to contact your representatives. Threaten them with your vote. Are they drafting legislation that affects you? Are they ignoring something that affects you? Let them know that if they don’t vote in your interests, you’ll vote against them.