Beware The One-Party System

Our two-party system is in danger of becoming a one-party system, and this year marks the turning point.

Jonathan Perez


5 minute read

Donkey vs Elephant

Let’s do a little thought experiment. You’re a student in elementary school, and you didn’t study for a pop quiz. You know you will 100% fail this quiz.

The Real Voter Fraud in America

Millions of voters have been disenfranchised. Until we get rid of gerrymandering, we will not have one vote per one person.

Jonathan Perez


4 minute read

Politician lying

When you cast a vote for a representative in Congress, it doesn’t apply directly to the candidate you voted for. Instead, your vote gets grouped together with other votes in your district. Candidates are selected based on the number of districts they win, not the number of votes. Think of it like the Electoral College, but for Congressmen instead of the President.